Eagle's Roost

Eagle Scouts are forever marked men and have assumed a solemn obligation to do their duty to God and country, to their fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general; we give our sincere gratitude to Jim Lively (former Eagle Scout Coordinator, Middle Tennessee Council) for providing some of this information. 


Year Eagle Scout(s)

William R. Davis
Tommy Thompson


Eugene F. Durham
Henry Alan Martin
Clyde E. Richardson


George W. Reichardt Jr.
Ronald Smith
James G. West Jr.


James Carl Campbell III
Keith E. Henry
William Bryan Roehrig III


Michael D. Barnette
George M. Carney
William A. Freeman
Allen F. Gwinn

1970 David J. Baird
1972 Robert W. Patts, Jr.
1978 John C. Bice
1981 Roger Allan Meyer
1983 David M. Roehrig
1984 Robert E. Herndon

Robert Blake Sloan
Benjamin Smith

1990 Michael Glenn Freeman
1991 Ryan Hale
1993 Daniel Harlen Baggett
1996 Keith Henry Bentrup

Travis Allen Smith
Michael Lee Van Dyke

2001 Charles David Ball
2002 Rasohn M.D. Perry
2003 Justin Ingram
Andy Williams
2004 Scott Ball
2006 Michael Ratz
2007 Eric Taft
Daniel White
2008 Luke Potter
2011 John Bolling
Jacob Schweitzer
2013 David Clements
2014 Evan Garton
Josh Garton
2017 Jared Boston
Sean Boston
2018 Jonathan Cockrell
2020 Joseph Tosh
Cooper Williams
2021 Jesse Thompson